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Last updated: 1st March 2018

Examination fees

Pearson VUE administers IDMNZ-DMI computer based exams via its global network of test centers. The examination fee owed by the student to Pearson for providing the exam facility is payable directly to Pearson.

Study term & exam extensions

  • This is a full online learning programme that delivered through 30 hours of learning in 10 weeks however it is depending on student pace. Student will need to plan own study within the given 24-week study term upon confirmation of enrollment or/and activation of learning management system.

  • Please note that IDMNZ-DMI do not offer Exam Eligibility Extensions.

  • Candidates must take the exam within 24 weeks of completing the Professional Diploma. We recommend students take the first exam 3-6 weeks after the completion of the course. If you do not book your exam well in advance of your exam eligibility end date there is a chance the test centre will not have any available dates left.

  • Should a candidate fail their first exam attempt, they must repeat the exam within the exam eligibility period. Candidates have three exam attempts in total.

  • It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they book their exam and take any further repeat exams within their 24-week eligibility period.

  • The student will need to re-enrol for the course and take the exam after the eligibility period.

  • For more information on exam, visit www.idmnz.com/exam-information.

Online learning portal

  • Please note that the online learning portal (IDMNZ learning management system) access might expire after the 24-week eligibility period unless otherwise we have special request from the student to extend the online learning access for another 24-week.

  • The online learning access will expire after 48 weeks from the day the student is provided with their full access.

  • Please note that the course syllabus is constantly updated every 6 to 12 month with latest industry content. The online learning access is available on a yearly subscription basis after the 48-week eligibility learning period should the student wish to enjoy life-long learning.

Cooling off period

Students are entitled to a cooling off period of 7 days, which begins on the day that a student is provided with their full access of online learning portal and thus conclusion of the contract.

If student decides not to commence the course during this period, a refund may be granted. The student may express their right to cancel via email to godigital@idmnz.com. On this expression, a full refund less a $300 + GST administration fee will be issued without undue delay and in any event not later than 7 days.

Once the online learning portal is accessed by the student, this is an indication of use of service and express acceptance of the above terms and conditions. As a result, no refunds will be issued at that point even within the standard cooling off period of 7 days.

Face-to-face classroom via cloud meeting

Student can enrol anytime to gain access to the online learning portal and start studying. The face-to-face cloud meetings with digital mentor are the optional support provided by IDMNZ. The classes may not be made available on a periodical basis however it is always completely available by grouping the students in a batch from time to time.

Please note that the one-to-one online cloud meeting would usually be fixed at one hour per module per week.

Payments terms for students

Professional Diploma and Specialised Diploma Courses:

Students will be granted access to online content once course fees have been paid in full.

Students undertaking the Diploma programme may avail of a 60 day payment structure as follows:

70% of the fee payable upfront

30% of the fee payable after 30 days (from initial payment date)

Students will be granted access to the first part of the Diploma course via our learning management system (LMS) once the first payment (70%) is made, the remaining fee must be paid within 45 days (from initial payment date) at which point full access to the programme will be granted.

Failure to make payments in the above time frame will result in the student being withdrawn from the programme and access to class network being revoked. All fees paid up to this point are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Start date

Access to your online programme is granted once the course fee is paid. Your official start date is the 1st day of the activation of the student's online learning portal.

Validity of Invoices

An invoice issued by IDMNZ is valid for a 7 day period from the date of issue. IDMNZ reserves the right to withdraw an invoice within this period by notifying students in writing.


Students who wish to defer their participation on an online course may do so in extreme circumstances for a maximum period of 3 months for Professional Diploma students. Deferrals may only be applied to students who have paid the full course fees and are at the discretion of IDMNZ. Course participation will not be deferred while an outstanding fee remains on the student account.


Refunds will only be granted in extenuating circumstances rendering the student incapable of continuing with the programme. Refunds are at the sole discretion of IDMNZ. Extenuating circumstances refer to unforeseen events which may affect a student’s ability to complete their course.

Foreseen events such as sporting, cultural or work commitments are not considered extenuating circumstances. Supporting documentation e.g. medical certificate, police statement etc must be provided. In such circumstance deferral may be offered as an alternative. The amount refunded will be in proportion to how far you have progressed through the course. Please allow a minimum of 5 weeks for a refund to be processed.


IDMNZ reserves the right to refuse tuition fees and reserves the right to deny any applications.


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