“Nearly 60% of companies queried use infographics.
84% who’ve used them consider the medium effective.”

- Forbes

Why Tell when you can Show & SELL

“74% of marketers rely on visuals in their social media messaging.”
- Forbes

IDMNZ has partnered with PIKTOCHART - The world’s leading infographics app to make your information beautiful

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Transform boring data into engaging visuals for impact to attract sales

The industry uses infographics for maximum impact around a business pitch and proposal. Now you can learn to tell better stories with your data, pushing your content marketing to the next level using visual impact that engages for the masses in this master class.


Winning Infographics increase traffic, conversion & sales


Awareness + Engagement = Conversions

Infographics are a great way to share information visually. That is why 41.5% of marketers said that graphics like infographics are the most valuable.

Infographics even outranked the internet’s favorite file format, GIFs.

Let’s take a looK

Do you prefer to read this?


Or this?


Do you know how to transform this…


To this?


Content is KING

You’ll get a FREE 30-day access to PIKTOCHART Premium

IDMNZ has partnered with PIKTOCHART - one of the world’s leading tools for infographics, obtain key skills to turn boring information into works of art for the masses.

Your master class comes with a 30-day full premium access (not a typical free trial account) to PIKTOCHART. You will explore, learn and apply skills for your business or personal use today.

Learning with our award-winning speakers

You’ll be taught with theory and practical exercises. Learn-by-doing, working in teams, getting hands-on practical experiences.

You learn best when you take action.  

Learning in action.

Learning in action.

“People share infographics 3x more than any other visual content on social media.”
- Hubspot’s research

Are you still wondering about the importance of infographics?

OK to the good bit, let’s learn, practise and apply.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Types of content marketing & infographic

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Infographic cheat sheet - What are the best sizes for design and promotion across social media platforms

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Infographic in action - How to create powerful infographic

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

How to convert deep data into visual shorthand

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Power of visual storytelling - The law of attraction in infographic

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Infographic & digital marketing funnel - How to create content for each stage

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

How to save your infographic from disaster

Digital marketing workshop new zealand

Reality presentation + Certificate of completion


Important note: This is a practical workshop. You must bring your laptop or you will be put into the next workshop. No refund will be made in any occasion including no-show. You are welcomed to join the next workshop as a refresher course.


This workshop is perfect for:

- Traditional marketers

- Digital marketing professionals

- Content marketers / social media influencers

- Business owners

- Recent graduates

- Entrepreneurs

- NGOs and government organisations

- Anyone!

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All classes are limited to 10 students for optimal engagement

IDMNZ in-house digital training

IDMNZ in-house digital training