Who can benefit?

  • Marketing professionals, across both consumer and business markets.

  • Professionals in other functional areas who need to adapt as their organisations digital marketing

  • Start-up founders and business owners who embrace digital marketing to grow their business

  • Anybody wishing to learn more and beyond social media marketing

Want to know more about social media and how you can maximise the tools on offer to help grow your business? This in-depth two hour seminar covers each platform, with a focus on Facebook.

You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge and a clearer direction on how you should be integrating social media into your business. A light breakfast along with detailed seminar booklet provided.

We'll cover the Social Media Landscape across NZ, an Introduction to each Social Media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & LinkedIn) and the key differences between platforms along with the key opportunities for your business.

Following this, we'll discuss audiences, targeting, how to develop a social media strategy including best practice, community management, content creation and much, much more! We've even got special guest speakers including How To Dad!

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What you’ll learn

  • What digital marketing need to look out for in 2019

  • Strategy for modern digital buyers

  • The principles of winning digital marketing

  • Omnichannel marketing and conversion strategy

  • Content marketing and social campaign

  • Analytics and measurement plan

  • Relaunch your digital marketing strategy

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