Globally Recognised Diplomas

By choosing IDMNZ Programmes, you’re partnering with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) that has trained over 18,000 graduates worldwide. DMI has trained more students to a single digital education standard than any other certification body in the world.

  • Be employed anywhere in the world - The professional and specialist diplomas could be your passport to an international career 
  • Apply your learning straight away - Improve your chances of being head hunted by top employers throughout your career
  • Be globally recognised - Join one of the 140 providers around the world supported by the Industry Advisory Council representing the world's largest digital brands. 

Boost Your Employability

Globally Qualified, and Certified

Once you complete the professional or specialist diploma, you will also become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional - a credential validated by the Industry Advisory Council (representing the world's largest digital brands such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter).

As a graduate of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, you’ll be equipped to thrive in a fast changing world with the digital economy’s most demanded skills.


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Which Specialised Diploma is Best for me Now?

How Strong are your Digital Skills?

How much do you know about digital marketing? We have a digital diagnostic tool to help you find out. Take the digital diagnostic and benchmark your skills against your professional competition.