Certification Exam (Re-sit Only)


Certification Exam (Re-sit Only)


The certification exam is assessed through a computer-based exam, which is 3-hours long and composed of a number of interactive question types including Multiple Choice, True or False, and Hotspots.

IDMNZ administers the exam through Pearson VUE and its global network of test centers, so you can locate your nearest center and enjoy a consistent, regulated exam experience.

There are over 20 Person VUE testing centres throughout New Zealand. Students will have the option to choose their preferred centre near them.

Your first-time examination fee is NZD $365. Fee for subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will be the same.


  1. If you start processing with Stripe, the payout to IDMNZ takes 7-10 days. You will receive a provisional receipt from Stripe. An official receipt will be issued from IDMNZ and the booking of exam will be done once your payment is received. 
  2. We recommend internet banking for speedy processing. 
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