• Work anywhere in the world - The Certified Digital Marketing Professional designation could be your passport to an international career 
  • Be in demand by top companies - Improve your chances of being head hunted by top employers throughout your career
  • Be globally recognised - Join one of the 140 providers around the world supported by the Industry Advisory Council representing the world's largest digital brands. 

Certify your Skills
Be a Difference Maker

By choosing the IDMNZ Programmes, you’re partnering with the Digital Marketing Institute that has certified more digital marketing professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body in the world.

Worldwide Recognition



Enrol Anytime and Apply Learning Straight Away

Our programme is enhanced with industry work-connected learning. This means you can learn a concept one day and start applying it in the workplace the next.

Real-world skills mean immediate benefits.

Globally Certified and Qualified

Once you complete the programme and become certified, you’ll also hold a Specialist Diploma: an accredited qualification validated by the Industry Advisory Council (representing the world's largest digital brands such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter) and an internationally recognised designation.


As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you’ll be equipped to thrive in a fast changing world with the digital economy’s most demanded skills.


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How Strong are your Digital Skills?

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